Rebranding Your Blog

Rebranding your blog

Why did I decide to rename and rebrand my blog? First of all, this did not happen overnight. I have been going back and forth about making this decision for over a year now. I always felt like Flavor of Fashion wasn't really me. When people would ask, what's your blog name, I would tell them. Then hearing them saying, "oh it's called Flavor of Fashion", something in me just never connected to that name. Even when I heard my other blogger friends say my name, I found myself to have some sort of discomfort. 

Some people might think I'm crazy for doing this, just because, I've been operating my blog under Flavor of Fashion for some time. Your first thoughts might be, didn't you already build a brand? Another thought might be, would you have to basically start all over again? Trust me, everything you can think about has crossed my mind. In this post, I am going to explain everything my thought process, and the decisions that determined this change. I want this post to be super raw sooo let's do this! 

As a person who received her bachelor's degree in Psychology, I am actually looking at this from a psychology standpoint. If I don't have the confidence or connecting with my blog, how am I ever going to build it as a brand? Ever since I started my blog, I wanted this to be a place for my readers to get inspiration, to be inspired, and a positive platform. I really do think that I built that but there was a part of me that was disconnected. The bones and structure are there but I had to ask myself was I fully there for my followers and readers. If I wasn't feeling confident in my brand, how were others going to feel confident in me? In a way, I felt like I was robbing that part of me from all of you.  

I know some of you all might not understand where I am coming from, but you have to think of this from a business or a startup point of view. Blogging is a business. Trust me, like every business it's so hard to get it off of the ground! (Lot's of tears, stress, and everything you have goes into this!) I am a firm believer when it comes to starting your own business. My family did it so nothing is impossible! 

When starting a business or branding think of words that describe you and your business. For me, the words that described me were: simple, chic, classic, and timeless. The words that described my blog was: affordable, relatable, approachable, inspiring etc. Also, I asked my family and friends, how would they described my blog. All of them used the exact terms that I wrote down. It was actually really funny so looking at all of these words on paper I had to tell myself did those terms describe your brand (aka Flavor of Fashion). I had a really hard time seeing the connection but I did give myself a year to see if I could turn that around. I tried to find different ways that I could make that connection but I was still having a hard time. 

One of my new year's resolution was to make my blog to be more of a brand. I didn't want to be categories as a blogger or a blog. I felt like I was more than that. I wanted people to see this as a brand and a community. I had sleepless nights and prayed so much about this decision. I found myself constantly going towards Simply Ana just because it describes everything that I want my brand to be. I'm just a simple girl that really wants to inspire everyone through fashion, beauty, business and etc. I decided to take that leap (yes, it's very scary one!) to rebrand it as Simply Ana. So, be ready for more outfit post, beauty post, travel post, business post, and so much more!  I have so many ideas so I can't wait to share it all with you. 

For all of my readers and followers, I really hope this post inspires you to take those leaps. If it's to start your own business, to rebrand your blog or whatever it might be, it's okay to take those next steps. Also, I hope you all can grow with me on this new adventure because it's going to be simply beautiful! 

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Rebranding a blog

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