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I've partnered with Ideology Active and Macy's to spread body positivity. I'm really passionate about this topic. I feel like we should all spread body positivity instead of putting people down due to the way we look. We are all different shapes and sizes. I feel we should embrace that! After all that's what makes you YOU. 
I've been a gymnast for about ten years. Out of those ten years, I've competed national and international level for about eight years. When we would train for our competitions, we would work out about five times a week for three hours. Of course working out so much takes a toll on your body. While being a gymnast, I was also growing up through out the years, I would see my body constantly changing. After my gymnastic days, my body wanted me to still be active so I had to keep up with my healthy habits. 
Over the years, I've had people criticize my body thinking that I don't eat or I have some sort of eating disorder. I know, when someone tells me something like that, it really gets to me. I start to think how can someone, that has no idea who you are, can judge you that way. This was one of my concerns I had when I wanted to start my blog. I know part of the job is to put yourself out there and criticism can come with that but I feel that we should embrace one another instead of putting someone down. 
One of my pet peeves is when women say, "ugh you're so skinny" or that "I wish I was that skinny". I kind of want to shake them and tell them that they are beautiful the way they are. We are all different and we are all built differently. I feel like we should embrace our shape. So when I had the opportunity to collaborate with Ideology to spread body positive I wanted to take it. The reason why is that I want to challenge everyone to spread positivity to one other and to ourselves. 

Thanks for stopping by! Hope that you guys can share this and spread positivity around!