Easy Ways to Style a Turtleneck for Winter

Easy Ways to Style a Turtleneck for Winter

Simple winter outfits

This winter I've been living in turtleneck tops, so I thought it would be fun to do a post to show you easy ways to style them. When it comes to turtleneck tops, you can style them so many ways. You can layer them with your sweaters or button downs, wear it under a dress, or wear it with a blazer/ jacket. It also makes me feel so Parisian and chic when I wear one. Plus, anyone can pull one off! 

In both outfits, I'm wearing a similar turtleneck. I actually shot both these outfits on the same day just a different location. The first outfit I styled it in a fun way. I added a pop of color with the beanie and a red lip. I love the pop of color because it's a get way to complete a simple outfit.

Another way to style a turtleneck is to pair it with a chic cardigan. If you have been following me on Instagram or here on the blog, you know I love a good cozy cardigan. This one is actually on sale for $20 (which is a steal!).  The quality is amazing. It's so soft and cozy. It also thick enough to keep you warm for colder weather. I also love the mid-length. It kind of reminds me of a duster which was huge for fall and winter. 

Cardigans are perfect for layering and you can style them so many ways. You can pair it with a belt, dress it down, and best of all you can transition it for spring. You can wear it now and later. 

I'm all about stocking up all the basics in your closet. That being said, I think everyone needs a turtleneck in their closet. They are effortless and super chic. One of my go-to's for winter! 

Shop my outfit:

Top: H&M and American Eagle / Jeans: Topshop / Cardigan: &layered (Nordstrom Rack) / Hat: Jcrew / Lip: Nars / Bag: Celine Nano / Boots: Marc Fisher

Comment your favorite go-to for winter below. I would love to know.
xo, Ana

Cozy cardigan for winter

Easy winter outfits

Turtlenecks for winter

Simple outfit for winter

Cozy cardigan for winter

Ways To Stay Motivated In 2019

Positive Quotes

Happy New Year,  everyone! I wanted my first blog post of 2019 to be a positive and motivated one, so I want to share some tips that I've learned throughout the years on how to stay motivated. I hope this post can be a constant reminder throughout the year that you can achieve your goals. When you are feeling a little stuck you can always reflect back to this post. 

So, here we go. I think one helpful tool is to write your goals on paper. That way you can see them and it's a constant reminder. Some common goals are working out, living a healthier lifestyle, maybe achieve a higher position at work, or to start your own business. Any goal you set to accomplish for 2019, those are your major goals. One of the biggest mistakes I've noticed are people wanting to conquer those major goals right away. Once they start to notice that not much has changed or improved, they get off that path that they set at the beginning of the year or just lose faith. It's easy to go back to that same old routine. You should never give up! That's why setting minor goals every month or day can help you achieve that bigger goal. Remember: every day is a new day and a new start. Don't think the only time to start fresh is the new year. 

Ways that you can set those minor goals. For instance, if you want to workout and stay healthy, set a goal that is realistic to you. In the month of January, workout once a week and drink water or a glass every day. In February, start to work out twice a week and plan your meals throughout the week. So on and so on. By the end of the year, those minor goals you set every day or every month can help you to achieve the major goal that you wanted to hit for 2019. 

I'll share some of the goals that I set for myself. Overall, I want to stay positive and be more positive. I tend to dwell on the positives and the negatives. I tend to get into my head a lotttt so I have to take all of those negatives out. Also, believe in myself and surround myself with positive people that bring me up and continue to support me. 

Another goal is to work on my anxiety. I have suffered from anxiety my whole life. It's not fun. I have had a fair share of panic attacks. This is something that I have to work on every day and not sure how or if I can overcome it. It's hard to talk about maybe I can do a separate blog post about this in the future. 

Living healthy and working out is another goal for 2019.  Overall, I am a pretty healthy person. I work out and eat healthily but I would like to keep that consistent this year. You guys already voted on Instagram that you want to see more of this so I will share more food and workouts on isntastory. 

Lastly, growing this amazing community. One of my biggest goals is to grow my blog and Instagram into a community. I want to get to know all of my readers and followers. This is something that I love doing and passionate about. 

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Ways to stay motivated in 2019

Ways to stay motivated

Motivational quotes

Ways to stay positive and motivated this year

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