Preppy Back to School Outfit

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Top: Jcrew // Skirt: Zara (similar here and here) // Sunglasses: Ditto and here // Shoes // Bag: Rebecca Minkoff // Jewelry: Mynt Box

Ughh... that sound you make when you realize summer is over and you have to go back to school. I know when I was in school my favorite thing to do with my mom was school shopping. I love going shopping for clothes and shopping my list of school supplies. Unfortunately, schools in Louisiana make you wear uniforms, so I couldn't go shopping for clothes anymore. 

Our school uniforms consisted of a white button down, plaid skirts, and Doc Martins. I really don't care to wear skirts. I think this might be my second outfit post that I've styled a skirt. I came to the conclusion the reason why I don't care to wear skirts is because I had to wear it for seven years everyday. A girl needs a break! HAHA

  For this look I wanted to create a preppy back-to-school look with a twist. A classic white button down is the ultimate way to get that preppy look. Instead of the classic plaid skirt, I wanted to mix it up with this button down a-line skirt. This season it is all about this 70's trend! This trend has been spotted everywhere in suede and in denim. I have been wanting to get my hands all over this trend. For the fall and winter I could see myself doing a monochromatic look with a sweater that is similar in color. This is a perfect trend to start transitioning your clothes to fall. 

Also, a great way to start your school year is with a great pair of sunglasses. I came across Ditto which is a subscription that sends you unlimited designer sunglasses for only $19 per month! I am definitely a sunglasses type of a girl. I think they really complete my outfits and now I can get new designer glasses every month. If you are not a sunglasses type of person, they also have prescription glasses. You will be that cool kid that has new sunglasses or glasses each month. If you sign up be sure to use promo code FLAVOROFFASHION for your first month free

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