Valentine's Gift Guide

Valentine's Gift Guide

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. So, what do you get for that special someone? 
Don't worry I got you covered with my V-Day Gift List!

Valentines Day Flavors: 

The number one perfect gift that you can never go wrong with is perfume. Every girl loves a good perfume and Prada Candy is amazing. Adrian actually bought me that perfume for my birthday and I loved it. I wear it almost every day.
Another gift you can't go wrong with is a good handbag. This Kate Spade bag is a perfect light tone bag for the Spring. I love my Rebecca Minkoff! I thought I would only use for the spring but I have been styling it all year long! It really adds a pop of color to my outfits. 
When they say that diamonds are a girls best friend then they obviously never had a good pair of shoes. Personally, I think shoes are a girls best friend! Shoes can really make your outfit. To me, they have a sentimental value. I will never forget the first designer shoes that Adrian bought me!

Lastely, I added these amazing his and hers wine glasses. I love date nights when Adrian and I cook and watch a movie while drinking a glass of wine at the house. ( I might of just added that in my gift guide to give him a hint!) Also, I do find these glasses adorable and perfect for a date night especially on Valentine's Day! Hopefully this gives you some good ideas for the special holiday around the corner. Happy Early Valentine's Day Ladies!

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Tell me what item is your favorite from my gift guide!