Holiday season is approaching and you know what that means, holiday parties! I know sometimes picking outfits for parties can really break the bank during the holiday season. So I decided to put together some of my favorite holiday outfits all under $100. I'm in love with the black feather trim dress pictured above. There is so many ways you could style this dress and make it into a new outfit. 

First party outfit: You can pair the black feather dress with a black turtleneck. By styling it this way it gives the illusion that it's a skirt not a dress. 

Second party outfit: You can pair the black feather dress with the red cape. This cape is seriously a show stopper! It will add a little holiday cheer to any outfit. By styling it with the cape this will show off your dress. No one will know that was the same dress that you paired with your turtleneck. 

Third party outfit: This is more for someone that loves taking risk. You can pair this black feather trim dress with gold sequined leggings.  By styling it this way, its a perfect New Years outfit. Remember taking risks could really pay off!

Hopefully this post will help you create a holiday outfit on a budget! 
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