Coach x Selena Gomez Collection

Coach Selena Grace Bag In Mixed Leathers

I had the privilege to team up with Coach for their new collaboration collection with Selena Gomez. I have always been a huge fan of Coach. I know my younger self would be screaming in excitement right now. It is so crazy to think; I would have never thought I would eventually work with one of my favorite brands that I grew up wearing all the time. 

Throughout the years, Coach designs have evolved. Do guys remember when the "C's" all over was all of the range? I know I had one in every color. HAHA. Now, I am loving how they are bringing more simpler designs but still staying true to their brand. 

I am loving their new collection with Selena Gomez. The collection is very versatile especially this specific bag. You can style it so many different ways. My favorite way has to be with the shoulder strap over one shoulder. I can't forget to point out the color of this bag. One of my favorite style tips is you can never go wrong with a pop of color. It's an easy way to take your outfits to the next level. I love to style my outfits around a statement piece. For this look, it was this Coach bag. 

My favorite part about the bag is the inspirational quote underneath it. I read an article that Selena Gomez wanted to incorporate an inspirational quote under each bag in her handwriting which was inspired by her tattoos. I really love that because it's a bit of inspiration every time you wear it. Under this bag, it says "Love Yourself First" which I love because it is so true. That is something that I had to really learn growing up. To me, loving yourself first means that you need to be confident in your own skin and love yourself first before you can really love someone else. I feel like once you can love yourself first you can really conquer the world! 

Coach x Selena Gomez Collection
Selena Grace Bag
Coach X Selena Gomez

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