White Button Down x Distressed Jeans

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Top: Everlane
Jeans: Nordstrom 
Shoes: Charles Jourdan (love these!)
Hat: similar here
Jewelry: Mynt Box

For the past three weeks it has been raining nonstop here in Austin. I was finally able to take some photos before it started to rain again.
It's no secret- I love a good white button down. I have done pervious blog posts with this button down but I have worn it differently in each post. I wanted to create a simple yet chic outfit that everyone could do. I think everyone needs at least one crisp white button down in their closet just because you can create so many great outfits! I decided to tie a knot to give a different twist instead of just wearing it button down. It adds a little flavor to your outfit!
  I got these jeans a month ago and I wear them all the time! Usually I get buyers remorse but I am so happy that I got these jeans and they are under $100. Oh yeah! ha! 

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Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale

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Hello Loves!
I wanted to do a short but sweet post. It's that time of year again for the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale which is my favorite time of year. I have a wedding that I am attending this summer so I will be looking for a dress. I really like the drop waist pink dress for the wedding! What do you guys think? Should I get it? I want to try to fill my closet up with some great summer staples while this sale is going on. You don't want to miss it! It ends on May 31st. Be sure to fill your closet up with great summer must haves!

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Spring Fever

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Top: Beehive (similar here and here) // Jeans: Gap ( Love these and these) // Shoes: N/A (similar here) // Bag: Nordstrom and here // Sunglasses: similar here // Double Chain Necklace: Mynt Box

The weather has been crazy here in Texas. One minute we are having thunderstorms the next we are having hot and humid days which means my curls turns into straight hair. BLAH! I like dressing according to my mood so on those type of days my go to outfit is a tank and pair of jeans. 
Lately, I have been obsessed with light pastel colors. I think it is perfect for spring and it can transition to a perfect summer outfit. I decided to pair this pink top with white jeans because I think it really helps to pop that color out. The baby blue shoes just give that extra color to create the perfect spring outfit. I think shoes can really take your outfit to the next level. I like putting basics together but pairing it with shoes that can really pop the whole outfit.
I could also see myself pairing this outfit with a jean jacket or on my edgier days with my leather jacket
What do you guys think about this outfit?

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Mother's Day Gifts

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Gift a box of jewelry: Mynt Box ( the link wasn't working)

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I wanted to put together a little gift guide to help you find that perfect gift for that special person. I know Mother's Day is not all about the gifts because mothers should be loved all year long. It's still a special day that you can cherish with your mom. If you are anything like me, I never know what to get my mom! I always want to get her something that can last a long time if it's a nice handbag or a great pair of shoes so when she wears them she can think of me. So who better to ask to help me with this gift guide than my own mother. She loved everything I picked out but I think it's more of her hinting me what she likes. Hint Hint! I hope this gift guide helps you to figure out that perfect gift for that perfect lady. 

I hope every mom has the most special Mother's Day ever! Thanks for reading!