Get Ready With Me and T3

 T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe

Hey guys, I had the opportunity to team up with T3 to try their new volumizing hot rollers. So, the first thing that came to mind is a "get ready with me" post. Here is a little fact that you might know about me I have super straight hair. When I was younger, my mom would perm my hair but that wouldn't even hold in my hair. Over time I think my hair texture changed, now I take full advantage. I love creating wavy hair because it just adds that much more volume to my dull straight hair. 

Let's talk about the hot rollers. There is two heat setting which allows long lasting curls. The rollers itself has a velvet lining which makes it easy to handle while wrapping your hair. The set comes with eight rollers and eight hair clips. It also comes in a leather traveling case which organizes your rollers and hair clips. That was a plus for just because I have so many hair tools all over my bathroom. It keeps it nice and organized for me.

Now let's get into the step by step of how I created my volumizing curls:

1. I guess it really just depends on your hair type but clean or second-day hair works best. For me, I have super second-day hair sticks better. Before putting heat on your hair, you want to spray heat protective so that you don't damage your hair. This is the one that I use for my hair.

2. After spraying hair protective, I love to use ouai wavy spray because it really helps for my curls to stick and give me that effortlessly chic look. Anyways, I spray it all over my hair.

3. While I am prepping my hair my curlers are heating up. Once they are done, I start to section my hair starting at the crown of my head. I place the roller at the end of the section and twist my hair into the roller. Then secure it with a clip. I repeat this process until I used all of the rollers.

4. You let the curls sit for about 10-20 minutes depending on the style you are going for. While waiting this is a great time to do your makeup.

5. The last step, remove all the rollers and clips. I like to brush my hair at the end just to add more volume but that's me. You can just run your figures through your hair. At the end, I love to add ouai texturizing spray so that my curls will hold and last longer.

Boom.... now you have beautiful shining volumizing hair! How easy was that! 

Volumizing Hot Rollers T3 Hot Rollers Review

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Thank you so much T3 for providing products for this post! 

Till next time!