Nordstrom Anniversary Sale- Last Week

Okay, guys, it's finally the end of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. This is the last week to shop the NSale before prices go back up on Monday. Like I said in previous posts, this sale has to be one of my favorites sales of all time. Don't get me wrong, I love a good sale. Every time I buy something on sale I get so excited! The reason why the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is my favorite, they put their fall products, that has never been seen, on sale. Then once the sale is done and the products that did not sell out go back to their original price. That is the reason why I love this sale because you can save money on fall products such as shoes or jeans. 

This is what I call smart buying because you save and get amazing products that you will wear all fall/winter long. For instance, you know knee high boots are going to be big next season so buy them now when they are on sale. I really love the Marc Fisher knee high boots and I've been debating on getting them.  Once the sale is done it will go back up to original price. Right now they are on sale for $149 and after the sale, they go back up to $229. So what do you guys think, should I get them? I know those boots will be the "IT" boot for next season. Mark my words on that! 

Most products sold out quickly but there are some great products still on sale. I will make everything shoppable below of all the products that I think is the best deals that you should save for the fall! 

 Happy shopping!

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Shop this look:

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