NSale: Sweaters under $100

Free People Sweaters

This Free People sweater was one of my NSale finds and I am loving it! Everything from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale has been selling out quickly! 

I've actually never seen items sell out this fast before. Usually, you have a couple of items that sell out before it goes public. This year it seems like everything is selling out and you can only be a card member to shop so far. Once it goes public before sure to grab what you can like this comfy sweater. 

So this sweater comes in four colors and the gray one is almost sold out! Don't worry they still have some in stock in the other colors. Aside from being super comfy, which I wish you guys can feel it, you can style this sweater so many ways. 

One way you can style this sweater is by making it completely off the shoulder. Another way, which is the way I styled it above, is by making it one shoulder. That is my favorite way to style it because it's so effortlessly. Lastly, you can style it just normal. If you are not into the off the shoulder or even one shoulder look, you can just wear it the traditional way. 

Since everything is going selling out so fast, I will link all of my favorite tops that are still available below! 

Free People Valencia Off the Shoulder Pullover
Free People off the shoulder top
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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