Easy Summer Outfit

Shein Royal Blue Ruffle Off the Shoulder Top
Topshop 'Jamie' High Rise Skinny Jeans
Steve Madden Nude Pumps
Celine CL 41098 /F/S Cathrine Small QLT Blue Havana Plastic Square Brown Gradient Lens Sunglasses

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Hands down, one of my favorite looks that I've ever shot! This top was just so fun that I had to make the pictures reflect that!
 The biggest trend this spring/summer was off the shoulder. This trend has been popular for quite some time and I don't really see it going out of style. Designers just keep bringing this trend back and evolving it to make it better then it was the last season. I love the details in this top from the big ruffles to the blue checkered pattern. I have to say the ruffle on the top made me want to shake my shoulders the whole time. If you follow my snaps (flavoroffashion) then you would have seen me shaking it to Taylor Swift. HAHA

This top does run a little big but I love the flowyness to it. It creates a more chic and effortless look. Since this top is very flowy it's great for any body top! Another plus is the price point. Would you believe me if I told you that this top was only 15 dollars. Well, you better believe it! I know, sometimes you are skeptical to buy clothing that is cheap because the quality has to be that cheap too. Well I was definitely surprise to say that was not the case! So if you were in the market to buying a ruffle off the shoulder top, I would highly recommend this one! 

Of course, I paired this top with jeans. Sometimes I feel that's all I really wear is jeans. I should really branch out! HAHA
I've previously done a blog post telling you guys about my struggle with jeans. Since I am only 5'3, its really hard to find the perfect pair of jeans. They are either too long for me or too big because they stretch out and never fit the same way again. Topshop has been my go to jeans lately along with Articles of Society. They are both amazing price points under $100 and comfortable. With Topshop jeans I have to buy the ones that are cropped just because they are the perfect length for me. I bought these jeans maybe a month ago and they have been one of my favorite purchase yet. I literally wear them every day and they have not lost their shape. You will definitely see these more in future blog posts! 

Thank you guys for stopping by and hope that you enjoyed this post! 
Till next time!