Battle of the Purses

I am obsessed with Rebecca Minkoff handbags! 
I have been looking for a new handbag, because I am over due for a new one. Finally decided that my next handbag is going to be a Rebecca Minkoff. Now, I am indecisive on which one I want so, I picked out a couple of her handbags that I LOVE.
The first two handbags are the same but different colors. I am loving the chain on the bags. It makes it very versatile, and different. Then, I am loving the tan bag, which looks like a birkin bag. The last one, which was seen on Whitney Port, is fabulous. You can wear it as a cross body, as a clutch, or you can just let it hang from your shoulder. 
I have so many decisions and I can not decided! AHHH... 

Tell me which bag is your favorite! 
Happy Tuesday!